Thank You for Submitting your SOD Request!

Someone will be reaching out to you shortly.

In the meantime please review our SOD checklist below to help us streamline the process.

Tool Prep

  • Stable Internet connection to the tool
  • Ethernet is ESSENTIAL For all PORSCHE/  VW / MERCEDES-BENZ Group Vehicle
  • Updates to SOD app completed

Vehicle Prep

  • The car Battery MUST pass a load test and be at a good state of charge
  • DC Power Supply (not charger) set to programming mode
  • connected to suitable AC outlet unlikely to power down
  • Ignition cylinder and keys must work
  • Keyless ignition needs to have Power save mode disable if required
  • The technician will be near the car, and available throughout the entire session with a phone that is adequately charged with good reception
  • Windows and sunroofs open and close during calibrations, therefore they should all be working before the programming session starts.
  • Wires should not be run through a window opening.
  • Driver door should be open and the latch closed to simulate closed doors
  • Driver’s seat belt latch.
  • Power seats should function and have room to move fully back and forward if programming/calibrating Airbag/WSS Passenger Seat must be checked for proper functionality prior to starting the session.