Support On Demand

SOD brings together end-users that need advanced remote diagnostics and programming with qualified independent service providers.

Whether you’re performing difficult diagnosis or programming a control module, getting it done should be easy.

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First of Its Kind

Support On Demand (SOD) is an open platform for remote diagnostics and control module programming.

SOD brings together qualified independent service providers with automotive repair shops (end-users) that need advanced remote diagnostics and programming.

The patent-pending technology allows faster and more complete OE functionality across most major vehicle makes. The only hardware needed at the vehicle is an iSCAN diagnostic device with a stable internet connection and suitable programming vehicle power supply (charger).

Upfront Pricing

Before you confirm an SOD service, see the upfront price. You don’t have to guess and you can compare costs and SOD provider reviews to find the right provider, every time.

And best of all, no subscription or contract fees.

How pricing works

Perfect For Your Shop

When you request an SOD service, iSCAN or the SOD app automatically locates available providers for the specific vehicle and procedure your shop needs performed.

Keeping your customer in your shop, and out of your competitor’s.

How To Request an SOD Service

SOD Providers

Meet your SOD providers. They are technicians just like you. Specialists, mobile diagnostic technicians and vehicle make experts.

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Peace of Mind

Your success is a top priority. Qualified SOD providers and app features that let you confirm your service was performed correctly and without fault.

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