iSCAN Support On Demand Terms of Service

Support On Demand (SOD) is an open platform for remote diagnostics and control module programming. SOD brings together qualified independent service providers with automotive repair shops (end-users) that need advanced remote diagnostics and programming.

The following terms of service (these “Terms of Service”), govern your access or use, from within the United States and its territories and possessions, of the software, technology, content, products, and services made available in the United States and its territories and possessions by Autoland Scientech USA, Inc and its parents, subsidiaries, representatives, affiliates, officers and directors.

By accessing or using the Services , you confirm your agreement to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not access or use the Services. These Terms expressly supersede prior agreements or arrangements with you.


Autoland Scientech USA, Inc. – (“Autoland Scientech” and “Autoland”)

Support On Demand – (“SOD”)

End-Users is a group of individuals or an individual in and/or acting entity receiving remote services over the Support On Demand platform by a Service Provider.

Service Provider is a group of individuals or an individual in and/or acting entity providing remote services over the Support On Demand platform.


Support On Demand Technology

The patent-pending technology allows faster and more complete OE functionality across most major vehicle makes. The only hardware needed at the vehicle is an iSCAN diagnostic device with a stable internet connection and suitable programming vehicle power supply (smart battery programming charger).

Support On Demand Application

SOD Application is available across our diagnostic devices since the release of our 4th generation iSCAN lineup; iSCAN3 and iSCAN SF, (Small-Format diagnostic device). The Support On Demand application will continue to receive software updates regardless if you have an active or expired diagnostic & programming software update subscription.

Customer Value

Since 1989, Autoland Scientech has been driven to provide high-value automotive diagnostic solutions to automotive professionals, improving the repair process with greater efficiency and greater comprehensiveness. SOD is the latest innovation in this cause to provide solutions on demand to a wide range of customers.

SOD Network

SOD service providers are master technicians that are highly qualified and heavily screened. Our network consists of vehicle make experts and mobile diagnostic technicians. SOD brings together end-users that need advanced remote diagnostics and programming with qualified independent service providers.

Customer Liability

The customer (end-user), must agree to the requirements and instructions given by the Service Provider, and to disclose all necessary information with honesty.


SOD is a pay as you go service, with prices provided upfront. SOD session prices are determined by the SOD providers. Autoland Scientech will not charge end-users during SOD sessions. The transaction is between the end-user and the SOD provider, with Autoland Scientech providing network and technical support and oversight.


In the event that a vehicle is damaged or has a programming or diagnostic failure during a SOD session, Autoland Scientech will provide as much support as possible via it’s engineering resources and SOD network. If the customer is deemed to be at fault, Autoland will still attempt to provide the aforementioned support, but additional charges may apply to them. If the provider is deemed to be at fault, Autoland Scientech will also still attempt to provide support, but the provider may incur charges.

SOD APP Disclaimer

Support on Demand is operated by a group of approved, independent service providers of on-demand technical support and is not affiliated with any third party brand unless specified. The service and use of Autoland Scientech USA equipment on any vehicle is at the operator’s own risk. Failure to take all necessary precautions that a properly trained automobile technician would adhere to; including but not limited to proper use of tools and diagnostic equipment, carrying out diagnostics and repairs in accordance and consistent with vehicle manufacturer standards or nationally recognized industry practices, and in the case of working on Hybrid vehicles; have received proper training with regards to working with “High Voltages” and the proper use of “PPE” (Personal Protection Equipment), may result in property damage, personal injury or death.