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iSCAN’s BMW Diagnostic Software – What’s Great About It!

iSCAN SF brings you BMW diagnostic software functions and advanced functions that keep you ahead of the curve. Whether reading / clearing fault codes, diagnosing using live data stream or performing advanced functions like adaptations. coding or programming, iSCAN has you covered. Diagnostic Software Functions Read & Clear

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New 2020 LAND ROVER Update Releases

Land Rover: November 2020 Update Release NEWLY SUPPORTED COVERAGE FOR MODEL - DEFENDER (2012~2015) Newly Supported Read/Clear DTCs & Data Stream System Coverage for the following Systems: Engine ABS Instrument Cluster Newly Supported Quick Service Functions for the following Functions: PCM Clear Adaptation Oil change reset Injector replacement resets Mass air flow sensor replacement

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New 2020 BMW Update Releases

TOTAL: 19 BMW UPDATES IN 2020 ⇓ BMW G SERIES: NOV 2020 Update Release NEWLY SUPPORTED SERVICE FUNCTIONS FOR ALL BMW G SERIES MODELS UP TO 2020 EME (Electric Motor Electronics) Module- Register Battery Change Function: Auxiliary Battery: Register Battery Exchange (Engine Compartment) Auxiliary Battery: Register Battery Exchange (Luggage Compartment) BMW ENCODING:

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New 2020 Volvo Update Releases

NOVEMBER 2020 Update Release All New Systems Support, Support UP TO 2020: Model XC90, year 2016~2020: ECM - Engine Control Module SUM - Suspension Module BECM - Battery Energy Control Module EGSM - Electronic Gear Selector Module IEM - Inverter Electric rear axle drive Module IGM - Inverter Generator Module OBC - On-Board Charger

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Porsche New 2020 Update Releases

June 2020 Update Release Newly Supported Adaptation Functions Model 911 (992), model year support to 2020, Battery Change function Model Cayenne(92A), model year 2011~2017, All Wheel drive system, Transfer case / Transfer box Oil Service Model Cayenne(92A), model year 2011~2017, Parking brake system, Check basic setting of parking-brake (check airgap of brake) Model Panamera(970),

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New 2020 Mercedes-Benz Update Releases

NOV 2020 Diagnostic & Service Functions Update Release(2020.11) NEWLY SUPPORTED SERVICE FUNCTIONS Model: 177 (A-class), 247 (B-class), 204 (C-class), 212 (E-class), 156 (GLA-class), 117 (CLA-class), 118 (CLA-class), 166 (ML-class), 167 (GLE-class), 207 (CLK-class), 218 (CLS-class), 197 (SLS-class), 907 (Sprinter) System: TPC - Tire Pressure Control system Write Identification Numbers of Tire Pressure Sensors Function

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Asian Coverage Software Update Release (June 2019 to August 2020)

JUN 2019 - AUG 2020 JUN All models HONDA, supported to year 2019, SMARTKEY system, new supported Keyless functions Add a Keyless Access Remote Function Rewrite Keyless Access Remotes Function All Keyless Access Remotes Lost Function New Improved System All Models Function Add IMMO / Immobilizer system in menu MAY

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Volkswagen/ Audi / Skoda / Seat / Lamborghini New 2020 Update Releases

VOLKSWAGEN / AUDI / SKODA / SEAT / LAMBORGHINI UPDATE RELEASES . June 2020 Update Release NEW AUDI RETROFIT FUNCTIONS Model A3 Third Generation (Type 8V), Model Year Supported 2012 - 2020, Increase Start / Stop Retrofit Function Model Q5 First Generation, Model Year Supported 2008 - 2016, Increase Retrofit Function list: • Enable Door

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Software Update Release June 2019 to January 2020

DEC » SUPPLEMENT DATASTREAM [Models: All before 2013 || System: Engine ] » IMPROVE CUSTOMIZATION FUNCTION (CHANGE SETTING) [Model: Golf 7 after 2013 || System: All] » IMPROVE READ VIN [Year/Models: All || System: Automatic Vehicle Identification] NOV » LOADING DATABASE [Model: All before 2013 || System: All]

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