iSCAN’s Sprinter software – what’s great about it!

Sprinters vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for delivery, fleet and commercial applications. These vehicles can accumulate miles quickly and oftentimes exceed factory warranty coverage while still in use with the original owner. This means your aftermarket repair facility will have the opportunity to perform services normally reserved for the dealer. iSCAN’s Sprinter diagnostic software

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iSCAN’s Mercedes-Benz coding software – what’s great about it!

iSCAN Mercedes Benz coding & programming software offers a fast, reliable, WiFi based option to code & program existing and replacement modules on certain Mercedes Benz vehicles. Coverage includes many of the common failure items such as 722.9 transmission, some variants of ME (motor electronics), many variants of the braking system (ABS/ABR/ESP), body modules

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Gearing Up for Post-COVID Surge of Business

Nobody is driving now. Yes we get it – we should stay home until the CDC deems that the COVID emergency is past. So gas prices drop and independent shops struggle. To be sure, service stations are considered “essential services” so they are open for business, but there just isn’t much business. Many drivers

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5 Success Stories of iSCAN Support On Demand (SOD)

Do you want to serve your customers needs, diagnose and fix their cars, reprogram their control modules if necessary, and do a good job? Above all, do you want to keep your customers by fixing their vehicle problems and not give away business?Face it, in the past, when a vehicle came in with drivability or

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Remote Mobile Programming & Diagnostics – For the Mobile Technician

If you are a mobile diagnostic technician, you’re used to arriving at repair or collision shops with a problem vehicle waiting for you. You get busy diagnosing and programming the vehicle. But, things are drastically different now – if you don’t have to, why spend time and fuel on travel and why subject yourself

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Autoland Scientech iSCAN – 30 Years of Driving Innovation

For 30 years Autoland Scientech has been pushing the limits of what automotive repair shops and their technicians should expect from a diagnostic scan tool platform.   Autoland's First-Generation Code Reader iSCAN D91 was introduced into the diagnostic tool market with the ability to read and clear fault

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