In this final step in our series on the 7G ECU electrics plate, we will fill the transmission with fluid and test drive the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz 722.9 transmissions, also known as the 7G tronic, have been in production from model year 2003 to present. This 7 forward speed transmission with 2 reverse gears has been known to have some common problems that require servicing of the internal, valve body and ECU electrics plate. Please be aware that the ECU plate is a theft deterrent part on vehicles fitted with this 7G transmission, and a locksmith license (LSID) will be required when purchasing Theft Relevant Parts (TRP).

When a fault occurs in the ECU electronics plate also known as a conductor plate, fault codes for the Turbine Speed Sensor may be present along with symptoms like; improper shifting, Limp Home Mode all accompanied by a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL). For a complete description and list of possible fault codes please refer to our help document or contact support.

  • Error Code 0717 – The signal from component Y3 / 8n1 (turbine speed sensor (VGS)) is unavailable.
  • Error code 0718 – The component Y3 / 8n1 (turbine speed sensor (VGS)) is defective.
  • Error code 2767 – The signal from component Y3 / 8n2 (Internal speed sensor (VGS)) is unavailable.
  • Error code 2768 – The component Y3 / 8n2 (Internal speed sensor (VGS)) is defective.

Connect the fluid exchange fitting to the drain / fill plug

Fill with 4 liters of Mercedes-Benz transmission fluid or until fluid begins to overflow past the fill tube.

Remove fluid exchange fitting, fluid should escape at a steady stream.

Reinstall fluid exchange fitting.

Using your iSCAN, monitor transmission fluid temperature. Start engine and allow to idle until transmission temperature reaches 45° c or 113° F.

Or for vehicle with an additional transmission oil cooler 90° C 194° F. This allows the thermostat to open and allow fluid into the cooler. Once temp is achieved, let cool until 45° c or 113° F, then check level.

Remove fluid exchange once temperature is reached. Allow fluid to drain until it escapes at a thin steady stream.

Install and tighten drain plug with new washer to 22 Nm

iSCAN makes complex functions simple. Check our other videos and articles for more helpful tips and procedures for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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