After replacing a battery in modern Porsche vehicles, it is important to perform the battery reset adaption to clear learned values from the previous battery. This will allow the charging strategy of the vehicle to reset to a new, fresh battery. In this example, we will be working with our iSCAN SF and a Porsche Panamera.

Be sure the vehicle you’re working on is connected to a suitable power supply

Launch Diagnosis

Tap European (Euro)

Tap Porsche

Tap Diagnostic

Confirm vehicle information is correct. Tap to continue

Tap Individual System Search

Tap Information & Communication System

Tap Gateway

Press Enter to Continue

Tap Special Function

Tap Battery Change

In line 1, enter the battery capacity

In this example the battery is 92 amp hours

In line 2, select the battery type from the dropdown

We’ve selected absorbent glass mat (AGM)

In line 3, enter the battery manufacturer

We’ll enter VAR

In line 4, enter the battery part number

Confirm all entered information is correct

Tap Enter to write data

You will receive a confirmation message the new battery information was written successfully

Press Exit when complete