iSCAN SF brings you Land Rover diagnostic software functions you expect to find in a scan tool and advanced functions that keep you ahead of the curve.

Whether reading / clearing fault codes, diagnosing using live data stream or performing advanced functions like adaptations. coding or programming, iSCAN has you covered.

Diagnostic Software Functions

Read & Clear Fault Codes

Live Data Stream Data

Parameter Graphing Functionality

Component Activation (Bi-Directional Control)

Service Reset

Advanced Functions

Based on Configuration

ECU Adaptation (eg. Electronic Parking Brake, Idle Speed, Key Programming, Throttle Adaptation, Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, Seat Occupancy Calibration, Headlight Calibration)

ECU Coding (eg. Code New ECU, Sensor Coding, Component Coding)

ECU Programming (eg. Control Module Software Updates & ECU Replacements)

iSCAN SF screen with options: 8) Passenger front door module 9) Driver rear door module 10) Passenger rear door module 11) Rear differential control module 12) Driver's seat module 13) Passenger's seat module
iSCAN SF screen with options: 1) PCM 2) TCM 3) ABS 4) RCM 5) All terrain control module 6) HVAC control module 7) Driver front door module