When you replace a battery in late model Volvo cars, you will need to perform a battery reset.

The battery reset tells the car’s computer or control module that the battery is new. The control module needs to know this information in order to properly charge the battery and control the vehicle electrical system. We are showing a 2018 Volvo XC40, but all late model Volvo cars will need this to be done when replacing the battery.

Be sure the vehicle you’re working on is connected to suitable power supply

Launch Diagnosis

Tap European (Euro)

Tap Volvo

Now we are going to identify the vehicle.

Tap Service Function

Tap Models from 1997

Tap XC40 Series

Tap Models from 2018

Tap Automatic Read Model Year

Confirm vehicle information is correct

Press Enter to continue

Tap Quick Service

Tap CEM (Central Electronics Module) – Battery reset to zero service

Press Enter to continue

Press Enter to continue

Press Enter to start

Check and clear any fault codes