Do you want to serve your customers needs, diagnose and fix their cars, reprogram their control modules if necessary, and do a good job?

Above all, do you want to keep your customers by fixing their vehicle problems and not give away business?

Face it, in the past, when a vehicle came in with drivability or other issues which needed sophisticated diagnostics, or needed reprogramming of its control modules, if you were a small shop you could have shipped the vehicle to the dealer for that work.

That was before Support on Demand (SOD) began connecting you to qualified independent technicians.

Using SOD, diagnostic work is done remotely through an internet connection, but you remain in charge of the vehicle. This way, there is no need to leave the shop; the diagnostic work and reprogramming take place in your own shop, under your own auspices. The customer leaves the vehicle with you, gets constant feedback, diagnostic and cost information from you, and picks it up directly from you. This way you keep your customer satisfied and out of the hands of your competitors.

As we all know, diagnosing, coding and reprogramming engine management, electrical, climate control or other sophisticated systems in late-model vehicles can be difficult and hair-raising. You need a good diagnostic tool, solid techniques and a guided fault-finding system. iSCAN is the diagnostic tool of choice for many in our business. And SOD is the open diagnostic platform which uses iSCAN to connect you to the manufacturer pass-through portal.

There are many stories of business success when independent shops like yours use iSCAN and SOD to diagnose and repair customers’ cars. iSCAN enables you to request remote diagnosis and programming from a highly qualified remote tech.

Five Success Stories of Support on Demand

For example, New Image Auto, in Huntington Beach, California, had a recent problem Mercedes-Benz GL model. Amir was struggling to program a replacement shifter module because he did not have OE software access.

Using iSCAN’s SOD capability, the tech hooked up the vehicle to a qualified remote repair tech with access to a licensed OE portal. The job was then completed successfully; the vehicle was tested and delivered to the customer. If Amir did not have access to SOD, his alternative was to ship the car to the local dealer via flat-bed tow truck. This saved countless days, man-hours and trips back and forth from the dealer. SOD helped maintain revenue in the shop and kept the customer away from the dealer.

City Tech Auto Repair, in Rosemead, California, struggled with a 2018 BMW 5 Series (G Chassis) which needed advanced diagnostics.

Again, Anthony did not have access to the factory portal, but using the services of a remote diagnostic tech via SOD, BMW’s ISTA portal and wiring diagrams were accessed and the vehicle was correctly diagnosed and repaired.

AE German Car Service in Santa Monica, California, needed help with coding a replacement headlight on a late-model Mercedes-Benz. Again, a remote technician with access to the licensed factory portal using iSCAN SOD successfully completed the job the same day.

A shop in Puerto Rico was facing a crank-no-start situation in yet another Mercedes-Benz. A remote diagnostic technician in Florida (Jorge Bonet) at Bonet Auto Service came to the rescue! Using iSCAN and SOD over the internet, the remote tech diagnosed a missing fuel-pump ground.

A replacement Porsche instrument cluster in a North Carolina at Professional Auto Service needed programming. Bill reached out to the iSCAN SOD network and completed the task successfully the same day.

Support on Demand (SOD) Process

SOD connects you with qualified independent techs who help diagnose electronic faults and reprogram control modules. Most vehicle makes and models are covered. You only need to hook up your iSCAN diagnostic device to the vehicle 16-pin OBD II plug and to a stable internet connection.

During the diagnostic procedure the vehicle needs to be attached to a suitable programmed power supply (battery charger). To begin the diagnosis process, connect the iSCAN device and request a specific service or diagnosis. A suitable independent technician (based on make and model of the vehicle) connects to the vehicle. The remote tech uses the patent-pending SOD remote application to connect iSCAN from your shop to the factory portal on his end.

SOD technicians are independent specialists with expertise in mobile diagnostics and programming. Each is selected for the job by iSCAN based on his or her expertise in the specific vehicle make and model that you are repairing.

At this point the SOD technician uses remote, licensed OE diagnostic software to perform a complete pre-scan of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is fully identified and its fault codes analyzed, you will be given the details and asked to confirm and approve the programming or repairs. Before approving the repairs, you will be quoted a price for the procedure and can then compare costs and check in with the customer. The software will also report routine parts failures and point to other repairs needed.

Once you approve, SOD takes it from there, performing repairs and reprogramming using factory licensed OE software. At the end of the repair procedure, SOD performs a post-scan (essentially a final test drive) to confirm that systems and software are up to OE specifications before handing vehicle control back to you.

Again, all this is done remotely. There is no need to visit another shop or invite a diagnostic technician into your shop. You keep your customer by not relinquishing control of the vehicle to anyone outside.

iSCAN and SOD cover nearly all Domestic, European and Asian makes and models. In some vehicle models specific electronic functions and programs are not covered. Examples of this are MOST programming in some legacy BMW models and DoIP programming in Mercedes-Benz vehicles (this function is coming soon!). More and more models and systems are scheduled to be included in the service provided by SOD.

You can keep the vehicle in your shop and keep your customers satisfied with SOD.