If you are a mobile diagnostic technician, you’re used to arriving at repair or collision shops with a problem vehicle waiting for you. You get busy diagnosing and programming the vehicle. But, things are drastically different now – if you don’t have to, why spend time and fuel on travel and why subject yourself to dealing with another situation where you have to interface with a vehicle and other individuals that could be carrying the Corona virus? It’s understandable that some jobs absolutely require you to be at the vehicle. However, if it is something that can be performed remotely, such as diagnostics, coding and programming, why wouldn’t you take advantage?

This is where using the iSCAN by Autoland, the diagnostic scan tool that is quickly grabbing a lot of attention in the industry, with its SOD (Support On Demand) capabilities becomes a game changer for you and your business. Using the built in SOD feature, the independent repair/collision shop can have you do the diagnostic and programming work remotely, through an internet connection, while the vehicle remains at their facility. You become more efficient utilizing SOD and you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle and shop at the same time.

Time is your most precious resource. The more jobs you can successfully complete in a day, the more money you make. iSCAN with SOD is a powerful tool that enables you to finish more jobs quickly, without ever having to leave your office. SOD is unique in that it is the ONLY remote application and network that is open for independent providers. What that means is that you can provide remote services for your customers and potentially all iSCAN customers. Everyone else providing remote services is your competitor; AsTech, AirPro, Opus IVS, etc. iSCAN is your partner in providing remote diagnostics and programming services.

Not only is the iSCAN a remote programming device but it also performs as an OE-level, bi-directional scan tool. Coverage includes most major makes and models and iSCAN is especially strong on European and Asian vehicles and offers more coding and programming options than its competitors.

The independent repair or collision shop simply connects the iSCAN to the vehicle via the 16-pin OBDII port and is connected via a stable internet connection (WiFi or Ethernet). The vehicle needs to be connected to a suitable programming power supply (battery charger). If you want to perform diagnostics utilizing iSCAN’s built-in enhanced software, you simply remote in using either TeamViewer or AnyDesk. For remote OE diagnostics and/or programming events you remote in using the built-in SOD application. Your expertise and your investment in licensed OE software can now be utilized remotely!

See how you can harness the power of SOD. By partnering with iSCAN, you have the ability to earn commissions by selling iSCAN devices to your customer base and then earn even more money by performing remote services through iSCAN SOD.

Remember, you can stay safe and increase revenue and profitability with SOD.